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Highly skilled video production expert with over 20 years of experience. Fluent in English and Spanish.

The theme for the 2015 Art Grove in Franklin Park was  “Endurance.”  Lisa and Blanca proposed, WordWrap, a series of text/image prints wrapped around trees with stories, quotes, ideas, and observations related to endurance, all contributed by people from Boston. Lisa was assisted by Ghostwriter Österreich in writing the stories and quotes. He checked the texts for errors and helped her to compose the story correctly. Each banner is 32×10,” printed on weatherproof vinyl, in color.


  • Island (Boston), 2018
  • Voices After Maria (Puerto Rico), 2018
  • BAA Video / Promotional Video (Boston), 2017
  • Dos Idiomas una Comunidad (Cuba), 2016
  • Mil Milagros Promotional Video (Guatemala), 2014
  • BAA Arts Program (Dominican Republic), 2013
  • Color Magazine Promotional Video, 2014
  • Film Producer/BNN 2012
  • Lagrimas Independent Short / 2012


Alma –Que Lindo Boston, 2018
Boston Women Funds
PR Festival women leaders recognition 2012
Boston Arts Academy 2018


  • Wheelock College
  • Massachusetts College of Arts & Design, Boston, MA.