Pioneers #1

Latino Pioneers in Boston is a documentary series that showcases the migration journeys of eight Latino leaders in Boston. Curated and directed by Blanca Bonilla, a seasoned producer and director renowned for her recent work on the documentary ‘Dos Idiomas Una Comunidad /Two Languages One Community,’ this collection of stories offers an intimate look into the lives and experiences of these individuals.

The Latino Pioneers in Boston Trailer here:

Dos Idiomas Una Comunidad Film Here:

In addition to the documentary, the project features The Latino Pioneers Magazine in Boston, distributed in Boston Public Schools, libraries, and community organizations. Furthermore, a Poster Exhibition was held at the Boston City Hall and the Boston Public Library in Dudley.

Guiding the narratives is Miren Uriarte, a Boston-based sociologist whose teaching and research focus on various aspects of the intersection of race/ethnicity and social policy. Her historical insights provide the narrative thread that connects a series of interviews, highlighting the remarkable contributions of eight Latino leaders to the city of Boston.