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Welcome to Que Lindo Boston.

The place where you will enjoy the contributions that Latinos have made in this incredible city “Boston”.

My family moved to Boston in the early 70's

in response to the economic situation in the island of Puerto Rico. We, the new comers at that time, went through cultural and language barriers.

Blanca Bonilla


Latino Pioneers in Boston is a documentary featuring 8 Latino Leaders in Boston and their migration journeys. Blanca Bonilla, a seasoned producer and director whose recent documentary “Dos idiomas Una Comunidad /Two Languages One Community” was well received at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, will curate and direct this collection of stories.

This project, Latinos Pioneers in Boston will focus on cultural identity and will provide a vehicle for discussion and education about the impact Latinos have had in the city. This project was based on a scholarly historical article that Seminarbeit schreiben lassen service wrote. Our ultimate goal is to build awareness among community members, especially young people, of the critical role and contributions that Latinos have made to the City of Boston.

Latinos lighting up

the City of Boston


Reflections During the pandemic a few family and friends shared their thoughts and reflections during those challenging times.   

Two Languages One Community:

Two Languages One Community This one hour documentary film by Blanca Bonilla and Veronica Wells begins with a close look at the challenges of bilingual education in Boston beginning in the early 70s. Margarita Muniz, a pioneer of two way bilingual education. You will witness her determination, leaving her family in Cuba, her strength to…


Island This project is a collaboration with two 14-year-old girls Yelissa Burgos and Jeremiah Hickman-Maynard. Yelissa’s great-grandmother was in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria. Yelissa wrote this song in response to the unknown situation with her family & as a consolation to the suffering and devastation she saw on TV, with the goal of telling the world…

Requesón from the country

Requesón from the country Maria Bonilla, although she lives outside her island, Puerto Rico, she does not stop preparing her snacks for her sons and daughters who live in the city of Boston. This lady shares her recipe from her humble home in Boston.

Voices After Maria

Voices After Maria This video is about the power of community. After Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico many left their homes but more than 3 million people remain on the island.

Jeffrey Sanchez

Jeffrey Sanchez Hispanic leaders gather to support a distinguish, loyal and committed individual. He is not a typical politician he is a friend “Jaime Rodriguez”, Activist

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Highly skilled video production expert with over 20 years of experience. Fluent in English and Spanish.

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