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Welcome to Que Lindo Boston.

The place where you will enjoy the contributions that Latinos have made in this incredible city “Boston”.

My family moved to Boston in the early 70's

in response to the economic situation in the island of Puerto Rico. We, the new comers at that time, went through cultural and language barriers.

Blanca Bonilla

Latinos lighting up

the City of Boston


Requesón from the country

Requesón del País Maria Bonilla aunque vive fuera de su isla Puerto Rico no deja de preparar sus antojitos para sus hijos y hijas la cual viven en la ciudad de Boston. Esta dama comparte su receta desde su humilde casa en Boston.


Educational Policy, Social Policy, Latino Studies 


The Boston Latino Pioneers have played a super important role in the development of the city of Boston. They have dealt with many challenges and scorn to be heard. For their persistence they have been respected so that other generations have a free path to achieve success in this country.

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